The Oliver Hamimo Happy Mail Club


The Oliver Hamimo Happy Mail Club is a monthly subscription service, powered by Patreon, where you receive limited edition Hamimo Friends merchandise delivered directly to your mailbox.  Best part is:  you have exclusive voting power to help select the Hamimo Friend and theme of the month.  Learn more about The Oliver Hamimo Happy Mail Club with these F.A.Q. below.  If you have any questions, never hesitate to reach out.

Why Patreon?

Patreon is membership platform that runs like a subscription service. With multiple reward tiers to choose from, you can subscribe to receive happy mail monthly. 

What are the benefits of joining Patreon?

You can cancel at any time, free shipping is available for all tiers and, as always, Hamimo Small Things will continue to offer affordable options that are high in quality. In addition, these will be limited edition items that you are only guaranteed to get by joining our Patreon. Also, you are guaranteed the best price. 

What exactly is The Oliver Hamimo Happy Mail Club?

Powered by Patreon, we will have multiple tiers where you can get a sticker, magnet, keychain, postcard, sticky note or notepad of the month. Each month will be themed around a Hamimo Friend character. The best part is, as a Patreon, you will have exclusive voting rights to select the character and theme of the month. 

I hope this is something that you’ll be interested in. One thing I can guarantee is: you will love your monthly Happy Mail from Oliver Hamimo and Hamimo Small Things.